Third Time’s a Charm – He Put a Ring on It

Well, it happened. I am engaged, and in 81 days I will marry the love of my life.

He insisted on being friends first, and I fought that. What I have learned over the almost 2 years is that he was right. Being friends makes it so much better. That relationship obligates me to be candid and open about things I would not be otherwise. I tell him everything, and he always listens and tries to understand. He listens to the sad, the silly, the ridiculous, the upset, the hilarious, the neurotic, and the mushy. He laughs and gives hugs and pets my hair. He loves.

He is passionate and determined. He sets big goals and has big dreams. He ‘gets’ me. He is practical while indulging some frivolity. He is not a knight in shining armor nor is he perfect, but he is kind and smart. He is communicative and understanding. He is affectionate. He is perfect for me, and I am thrilled I am going to do forever with him.

So, in December after some kitchen dancing he put a Ring Pop on it. I still consider this a legitimate proposal of marriage. I started girly planning immediately (I will spare you the embarrassing details). But, that night in the kitchen I knew for sure I would spend forever with this man. I also saved that Ring Pop in a Ziplock bag to keep it forever.


Fast forward several months as we headed out on an adventure to Arizona . . . and BOOM! In New Mexico we took an exit that said ‘Adventure Awaits’ which compelled us to take said exit. Seriously, how could we not take the Adventure exit. And, there at El Malpais National Monument he put a second ring, an adventure ring on it.

This was the official ‘adventure forever’ proposal, and I of course through sunglass hidden tears said yes. And giggled for the next several hours.


And once we got back home from our Arizona adventure, the ring he picked arrived. He triple checked that I was ready to adventure with him forever, and there in the living room during his lunch hour he put the third ring on my finger, and it was perfect just like the other two.

egagement ring


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