Southbound 35 – Yet another Austin Adventure and February 2017 Happenings

Sometimes living life gets in the way of blogging . . . This seems to be true lately . .. And it is amazing!

My last post was my last trip to Austin, so it seems fitting this post will be mostly about my most recent Austin adventure.

February got busy quickly.  A work trip to DisneyWorld occupied the first full week of the month. (YES! My job sends me to Disney, which is AMAZING!). The meetings were great. I love getting to see my colleagues, and I had the opportunity to meet Sam Smith. Dr. Smith is a member of our board, and he spoke at my commencement from the University of Tulsa. He is a brilliant man, an innovator, and incredibly nice. By chance, I got to have lunch with him before leaving, and I was blown away with the depth and breadth of his professional knowledge and life experiences. Commencement is part of this trip as well, and I got to spend time with a one of my graduates and her family. Time with her absolutely filled my heart and reminded me why I adore the work I do and why the work I do matters.



The weekend after I returned from Disney Ian, Luna, Crash, and I loaded into my tiny Honda and headed to Austin. This being Ian’s first trip to Austin I had to control my urges to show him all the things and feed him all the food. Meeting friends was the most important followed closely by eating and drinking.

Our first stop was Curra’s for queso and margaritas as I insisted this be Ian’s first meal in Austin. We then to Alamo Drafthouse for a Master Pancake (which allowed us to see the shit show that is ‘Dirty 6th’ after midnight). Saturday we ventured to Zilker Park for sunshine and great friends, South Congress, and then some more South Congress for dinner at Botticelli’s and dessert from Enoteca. Sunday was brunch, breweries, Banger’s, and besties. I could describe it all, but . . . I will just say it was great. Sharing this place I love with the man I love was wonderful. Having him meet some of my people and see this place was so special and so important.



So. Much. Happy.


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