Not My First Protest (Why I Marched and Will March)

I have seen so much conversation about Saturday’s marches, and most of the negative commentary is coming from women. Hey! You do you. You have the right to express your opinion just like I have the right to march.

As someone who has been protesting since college and petitioning since elementary school, I like to exercise my rights. I like finding the tools and resources available to me to make change ‘in the right way’ whether that change is getting milk shakes for lunch or voicing political opposition. I march because I can and The Constitution guarantees me that right (even when ‘safety’ limits when, where, and how I can peacefully assemble).

My first marches were in opposition to the Iraq war. I have marched for environmental causes, education, reproductive rights, human rights, LGBTQ rights, and the craziness that is our current political system.

I marched Saturday because I felt empowered. I am a woman. I own my own home. I pay taxes (at a relatively high rate). I am unafraid, but I am lucky. I have a family who has supported me in my pursuits. I have a family who made it possible for me to get a first class education. I have a family who supported a crazy move to another state because my professional opportunities in Austin, TX would likely be better than Tulsa, OK (and if not, I could always come home). I have a family who has consistently loved and supported me and told me I can do anything. I have a family who has made home ownership a reality for me. I marched because I am lucky, lucky enough to not have to work on a Saturday to be able to afford food, clothing, good healthcare, etc.  I marched because I can vote, own property, have access to birth control, get a credit card, etc. and not have to explain to anyone. I marched because not too long ago women could not do those things. I’m still seen as ‘different’ as a single, childless, professional woman, especially now that I have moved back to small town Oklahoma, so I will continue to march.

Women, please stop going all self-righteous on each other about the decision or desire to march or not. There are personal decisions. I do not feel my decision to march is disrespectful. I feel my marching is the embodiment of our democracy. I can march and still respect the flag, the military, and the political process as marching is to me part of the process.


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