Traditions Begin

Christmas is not my favorite. I struggle with the stress and obligations, fearing disappointing others and tend to get bogged down in the details of the season instead of taking time to enjoy the processes and experiences.

I made a decision to focus on the experience and starting traditions this year as I feel this holiday season starts some new things for me since someone decided he liked it so much he put a ring (pop) on it.


So, as this new adventure begins I felt the need to begin new traditions including The Muppet Christmas Carol, Christmas cookies, and National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.

I also decided to focus on experiences versus gifts for my nieces. This year’s new experience was The Nutcracker in Tulsa including a cereal bar, an overnight hotel stay, brunch, and the ballet without parental supervision.

I had some anxiety about this as I am an excellent auntie but get a bit anxious regarding actually being in charge of the tiny humans.

Everyone survived and no tears were shed!

Bowl and Spoon is a cereal bar in Tulsa. Think a frozen yogurt place but with cereal, you can add toppings, choose your flavor of milk, and even select a ‘cereal cocktail’. Rudolph was on the television. Cereal and waffles were consumed. All was well with the world.

After ‘dinner’ we made our way to the hotel. In an unexpected turn of events I realized my younger niece had never been on an escalator before. An amazingly kind and observant bellman helped her up the escalator. My niece, then determined to practice and overcome her hesitation wanted to go up and down the escalator every chance she got.

After cookie eating, bed jumping, and a little negotiating we are off to bed before the next day’s brunch and ballet adventures.

I am pretty confident I was more excited about brunch and ballet than the nieces were. Though their interest in getting dressed and out the door made me hopeful. I had to explain ‘brunch’ and am not convinced they quite understood, but oh well, experience is the best teacher right?

We then bundled up to go to the ballet. The girls did great and seemed to enjoy the show. All and all a successful adventure.


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