Bake a Pie from Scratch – 40×40 #3

Why is something as seemingly basic as baking a pie from scratch on my list? And why is making a pie so high on the list?

I added this to the list on a whim really. The idea of using my grandmother’s pie crust recipe to make the pie intrigued me. Showing my feminism by executing a traditional task while not somehow compromising myself seemed important. I think I also needed to prove I could do it. . . I am woman . . . ROAR. And, clearly baking a pie is the best way to demonstrate my independence and femininity.

So . . .

I started with my grandmother’s pie crust recipe, and then I began my Google search for ‘easy pie recipe’. The search led me to ‘Southern Brown Sugar Pie’ ( ). . . Could there be a better pie for me to attempt?!?!!! The name alone compelled me make this pie. The universe clearly was rooting for me to make a pie!

Then panic ensued. How was I going to do this? Pie crust from scratch is challenging. I have never even taken my food processor out of the box. What is pulsing? What have I gotten myself into.

Enter the best man ever who offers assistance and pie making experience. I of course refuse in all my need to be independent but quickly acquiesce. Help might be nice, especially from such a sweet, handsome helper.

Pie crust making commenced the night before Thanksgiving. I grated butter (please pause to soak that in) and diligently measured and added all the ingredients while Ian mixed by hand (we don’t need no stinkin’ food processors). I will be clear, Ian did the hard work while I played in flour and butter. Then we let the dough chill over night.

Pie filling making began Thanksgiving morning. Ian rolled the dough (again, doing the hard work) while I mixed butter and a pound of sugar together with a few other key ingredients to make the filling. Then crust was placed in a baking dish and filling added. And then Ian took over with decorative touches and egg wash (Seriously, I was such an amateur).

Without realizing it my exercise in female independence turned into my making a holiday pie with the man I love, relinquishing some control and being open to an entirely new experience on multiple levels. I know it sounds kinda silly but sharing the experience made the process so much more enjoyable and meaningful.

Oh, and the pie was delicious!


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