The Election

I understand being upset, hurt, confused, and even scared; however, he is the president. Be respectful. Do not sink to the level or being reactionary or hateful, or you are no worse than that which you do not like. Protest. Actively engage the political process. Run for office. Volunteer. Make a difference where you can in small, meaningful ways. Giving up is weak. Complaining does no good. Take your time to process and even mourn but do not be defeated or callous or cruel.

I am sad and disappointed. I wonder what happens next. I really do not understand, so I am choosing to focus on what I can control; however, so of y’all are making it real hard (and know I am serious as I am breaking out the southern).

People are scared, and just because you are not afraid does not mean you should dismiss that fear. The president-elect has said that the ’50s’ were when America was great. Think of  what that means for your gay friends, your friends of color, women who like birth control, etc. If you think the fear is ‘overly dramatic’ understand we are not far removed from church bombings, women not being able to get credit cards in their own name, Stonewall, etc. Think back to post 9/11 when people were beaten based on their appearance. Instead of making assumptions or claiming people are whining, try asking questions.

The only way it will all be ok is if we all make it ok together.

#lovetrumpshate #getinvolved #choosehope #chooselove


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