Rainy Days and Mondays

I actually like rainy days, and Mondays are busy but usually in a good way. This Monday feels particularly good. Issues resolved, plans being made, there has even a little bit of chicken looking (Also, there are way more factors regarding chickens than I anticipate).

I am learning about patience. I am learning about open communication . . . clear and candid (and sometimes difficult for me) conversation. I am discovering the little things really do matter most. Life happens in the tiny moments filled with laughter and the big moments of saying ‘yes’ even when you are kind of terrified.

Time is best spent being happy and trying not to worry (which is literally the hardest thing for me a lot of the time). If you remain consistent and honest and focused on what can go right or just the positive things in general life will be a lot better for you.

And sometimes you fake until you make and the best happens.


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