In A Place of Yes

I have spent some time outside of my comfort zone. I might be the least spontaneous person alive. I value my schedule and routine. My love for lists and plans and calendars and lists knows no bounds. Structure. Organization. Security. However, my desire to live a life of adventure has gotten the better of me. Compelling me to deviate from my schedule and routine while remaining secure because I trust my adventure partner implicitly.

One tiny day trip to trip to OKC created an opportunity for a long weekend adventure to North Carolina. Both happened with what I consider short notice but as I continue to focus on creating a life I love I know saying yes to such opportunities provides me the best chances to create and enjoy that life. Personal and professional flexibility allow me to say YES to adventure. Trusting a person allows me to say YES and not completely freak the F out.

Short day trip to OKC mostly involved wandering Brick Town and downtown. Pizza, beer, football watching, and cocktails at the Skirvin but mostly time talking.


Then a few days later the offer came. Do you want to go to North Caroline? I can pick you up Wednesday night when you finish work. I paused because I totally wanted to say yest but panicked a bit as this was most definitely not on my calendar. But, opportunities like this are exactly why I have made so many of the choices I have made. I want to say yes to adventure and have new experiences, and the opportunity to do something like this with my favorite noun . . . I collected myself and said yes. I then commenced to do an awkward celebratory dance in my den.

Then I had to think . . . what to pack? How are we going to negotiate this much time in the car together and our longest span of time together (in relatively small/ cramped spaces)? Then I stopped . . . What was the worst that could happen? Well, death could always happen . . . but, really the worst would just be a giant fight, and we haven’t really argued all that much. I might get left in North Carolina, but even if that happened I knew I could figure out how to get home.

Then we were on the road, but 15 hours and 4 states later we arrived. To camp. In a tent. In a field. Knowing it was going to rain. And I was so stinkin’ happy I could barely contain myself.

Bring on adventure! An adventure full of laughs, new experiences, mud, and new friends. Discovering the adventure is overcoming the anxiety (which I could do because I knew my PIC would not let me down), saying yes, and being open to the best outcomes while being aware the worst could happen. This adventure was the BEST!

Since a picture is worth a thousand words I will just share some of the pictures of the North Carolina adventure.



I wish I had taken more pictures. I wish I would have gotten some photos with the amazing people we met. I wish I had the patience to tell the silly stories about the Jurassic Park Jeep and my awkward/ hilarious conversations I had with strangers.

Maybe next time.


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