Creating A Life I Love


I am constantly working to design a life I love. I recognize I am a work in progress and am learning that my strength comes from sharing my story – the good, the bad, the adventure, the heartbreak, the fear, the joy. Being vulnerable is oddly empowering. Sharing my trials and triumphs and owning my story – the successes, the failures, and the realization that this is my life and ultimately I am responsible for creating a life I love. Bad things will happen, but I can choose focus on how the good far exceeds the bad, seek help when necessary, and celebrate that I get to choose my own adventure.

I recognize how fortunate I am to have a place I can always call home due to a family that is truly amazing. My friends never fail. I have a job that affords me an incredible amount of satisfaction and freedom. When bad things happen I have so much support that I do not have to worry (though I do anyway). My life does not look like I imagined it when I was 16. However, 16 year old me could never have envisioned this life. Full of love, laughter, and frivolity. Sometimes overrun with concern. But always a work in progress. Always trying to get better, do better, help others, and just be happy.



And the journey continues and the motto is:



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