Red Rocks,Ryan Adams, & Random Adventures- Numbers 9 and 20

Let me start by sort of apologizing for all the photos in this post . . . but, sorry not sorry. This trip was AMAZING! For the first time in my adult life I was not in a hurry to arrive at my destination and only had to get home in time to work. *Note to self . . . must really start travelling with work computer to avoid having to come home. I took a ROAD TRIP y’all, 5 states worth or road trip and was able to check off two items from the 40×40 list while spending time with AMAZING people.

So, let’s start from the beginning, shall we. I woke up super early and hit the road. Honestly, I stopped early and often to take random pictures (some of which I will spare you because we have all seen the sun and such). I had a destination in mind . . . Lindsborg, KS. Lindsborg you say?!?! Where the hell is that? And, why is this your desired destination? Let me explain. When I was a kid my grandmother and I drove to Colorado twice a summer to visit her aunt. Lindsborg was a frequent stop because it was adorable. A Sweedish town in the middle of Kansas! Mostly, I remembered the orange wooden horses. As I was taking the furkid on a legitimate stop on the side of the road road trip I figured Lindsborg was a must. This is all about frivolity and memories, people!


On from Lindsborg we headed to Nebraska and Wyoming. I decided to take the scenic route and visit two states I had never before seen. This whole 40×40 thing is all about adventure and experience, so why not take the long way.

We ended up on some back roads throughout this adventure. Back roads tend to lead to good stories, so I went with it. I sort of built this trip in sections via Google, so Crash and I were not always (read as hardly ever) on the major highways. Two lane highway provided us two unexpected detours day one . . . The first being the ‘Home on the Range’ house which is literally in a corn field on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere. The second was a Pony Express outpost a bit off the beaten path.


Then we were legitimately in the middle of nowhere but at least we were on a major highway. Somewhere near the Nebraska/ Wyoming border the sky just decided to freak out. Clouds came out of nowhere and BOOM! Tornadic storm and HAIL. As an Okie I generally am not intimidated by storms, but this one was a beast and a bit terrifying as I was on the shoulder of highway with no town or even an exit that allowed for a safe place to hide. Thankfully, we did not experience the tornado, but we did experience the hail. Poor Crash shook. Being in a tiny metal container being pelted by golf ball pieces of ice freaked him out. *I have a video but the file is not supported. Let’s just say in was intense.

After all of that adventure we decided to find a tiny motel and call it a night.

Day two began early as we headed toward Cheyenne, WY. The drive was pretty uneventful but here are a couple of pictures to prove we took the long way to get to Denver.

Beyond just wanting a new state I really wanted the capitol . . . as you can see the capitol was closed for renovation. We also arrived in Cheyenne about 8am on a Sunday, so we didn’t really get to explore a lot.

Onward to Colorado!


Really it was like half an hour if that to the border, so we maybe spent more time trying to take pictures then actually driving the first couple of hours of our day two drive. Two-ish hours later we arrived in Denver.

The best thing about this trip by far was the people. My second mom, tiny humans, all the friends .  . . oldish, newish, and the chance to become better friends with someone. AWESOME. Laughs and love and food and fun and adventure, oh music and baseball and a South Park inspired Casa Bonita trip. While I am posting a lot of pictures, believe me when I say I am not posting even more (including but  not limited to when I got my face painted, random park adventures with Crash, random roaming in Denver, so much back road). I had all the happy! While Red Rocks and Ryan Adams were the reason for the visit (and super AMAZING!) being with my people and the random adventure of it all turned out to be the best part by a mile.

Red Rocks and Ryan Adams were well worth the price of admission. The entire experience was incredible . . . scenery, tailgating, music, friends, dancing, laughing, and few tears (Ryan Adams gives me the feels).


Seriously, so much fun. Such an amazing experience.

Then it was time to head home. . . Once again via the Google Map-ped scenic route.

First stop, Garden of the Gods. Seriously, awesome. Gorgeous scenery and great talking to strangers. Crash as always made friends and per his tradition a stranger took a picture with him. He befriended a little girl who has been terrified of dogs. We talked to strangers along the trail, and Crash received lots of loves and pets (his favorite). Please note:  I have used lots of self control on the pictures here.


Then we were on the road again. My brilliant plan included a trip to Black Mesa, OK to tourist at the highest point in Oklahoma. Let’s just say this definitely took us down the road less traveled, as in we ended up on dirt county roads in southeastern Colorado.Beautiful scenery and totally a fun adventure until I had not seen a gas station or town for a few hours . .  .then it started to get dark . . . then I could see lightening . . . while on dirt road in a Honda Civic in the middle of nowhere Colorado or Kansas or Texas or Oklahoma. I started searching ‘on the route’ in my map to find the nearest gas station was 50 miles in the wrong direction and the nearest motel was 80 miles sort of in the wrong direction. Time to stop adventuring and take the most direct route home as it turns out Black Mesa is literally in the middle of nothing.


Finally made it to Boise City, OK and found a motel room and a Love’s with a Subway. Disaster successfully avoided.

Then on to home. The rest of the trip was pretty uneventful. We got home in one piece.


Above is super necessary picture of Crash in Oklahoma red dirt.

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