Numbers 4 and 28 the New Orleans Adventure

4.  Take my Grandmother somewhere she has never been Well, I didn’t exactly ‘take her’, but I did go with her to the Tabasco Factory which is some place  she had never been before  5/19/2016 — so this is sort of done, double bonus my grandfather was with us and he had also never been! 

28.  Thanksgiving or Christmas in New Orleans Trip to NOLA with grandparents full of the kinds of food I was hoping for on a holiday trip — sort of complete  5/2016

As I begin completing my 40×40 list I am learning that checking items off the list is all about the experience and the process. I will have to be flexible. Being open to potential and possibilities is paramount. The adventure is proving to be in the journey not checking things off list.

New Orleans is one of my favorite places. The people, the food, the history, the music . . . I just love it. The times I had been able to visit before my trip in May I was able to absorb some of the city’s traditions bloody maries, beignets, hush puppies, live jazz, wondering down Bourbon street, ettouffee, grits, and some other adventures; however, I had not been able to partake in some more of the upscale food or the city’s history. I had only been there to play (and play I did).

When I created the 40×40 list and included New Orleans during  a holiday I was mostly thinking about all the fancy food. Then my grandparents decided to take a roadtrip and invited me to accompany them. One of the benefits of being a single, childless, thirty-five year old is that I can do cool things like a roadtrip with my grandparents. I had forgotten how fun it is travel with them. How they always find the best places to stop along the way, a bit off the beaten path. Little things add so much to the experience.

Our adventure took us to Natchitoches, LA for meat pies and Steel Magnolias touristing, a plantation in the middle of nowhere, the Tabasco Factory, and through marshes, swamps, and of course New Orleans. I am so grateful that I am able to travel with my grandparents. I loved hearing them tell stories about previous trips and discuss all this history as we wandered.

This trip finally allowed me to explore New Orleans beyond beignets and Bourbon Street. We walked the Garden District, and I had my cards read. We ate all the food and explored little shops full on antiques. I listened to my grandparents tell stories about previous visits and explain the history behind random pieces of furniture. We explored the quarter and went to museums. My tour guides were the best.

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  1. Choch says:

    I do so enjoy this blog. Keep up the good work, and enjoy every adventure as though it were your last!


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