These are the Places I Will Always Go

Watching television this morning I stumbled upon The Head and The Heart’s (one of my favorite bands) album release special. I found myself singing and dancing and tearing up a bit all while seriously confusing Crash. I immediately began looking through photos and reminiscing, fondly remembering days of live shows and festivals, exploring, misbehaving, building friendships that I will have forever. I wanted to post a picture of the bazillion shows in bars, on patios, festival lawns, concert halls and somehow convey how much all of those experiences have shaped me from the time I was a teenager til now and likely forever in some way.

Listening to Down in the Valley . . . These are the places I will always go . . . and just overwhelmed with emotion in some ways . . . thinking about the places, the people that embody the idea of ‘The are the places I will always go’. I have learned a lot about that over past year and a half. The people and places that matter when you move forward, change, adapt, struggle, thrive. Those people mean the most, and I have more than I ever could have imagined.


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