Note to Self:  Follow your Bliss . . . 

I continue to try to follow my bliss. Work and bills get in the way. I love my job and my home, but I think if I could truly live like there is no tomorrow I would not work much or be home often. I would try to do good in the world, but I would be pretty nomadic.

I realize more and more that my not having and not intending to have children causes me to view life differently than procreators. I have no desire to live forever or beyond 70-ish really. I want a full life. A happy life. Adventure. I want to help others and see and experience as much as I can.

Not being responsible for other humans allows me the freedom to follow my bliss in frivolous ways. I am incredibly grateful for the life I get to live. However, each adventure makes me want more, bigger, sooner. Wanderlust is like a drug. I want more, and I want it now!

The practical need to finance adventure means there is work to do. I get to do great work though, and I don’t have to wear pants (I work from home. Get your mind out of the gutter.). My work allows a lot of freedom and flexibility, allowing me to explore my bliss.

And perhaps one day I buy a camper, get satellite internet, and follow my bliss to the edge of the world.


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