Number 39 – Eat Cake for Breakfast

I enjoy frivolity. The Kate Spade ‘Eat Cake for Breakfast’ mug embodies my type of frivolity in the most concise way possible. A pretty, pricey coffee vessel that expresses my life philosophy. Unnecessary but super coveted.

First, it is Kate Spade . . . and, I pretty much adore all things Kate Spade from purses to planners. I saw the mug years ago. Twenty dollars for a coffee mug I giggled. However, I could not stop thinking about it. I stalked the thing. It was often sold out and NEVER went on sale.

I might be bourgeoisie, but I am the tiniest bit practical.

Second, it pretty much embodies my life philosophy. Do what you want, even if it is frivolous. Is it fun? Does it make you happy? Awesome! Does it hurt anyone? No. Is it going to prevent you from taking care of your responsibilities? No . . . Great! Go for it.

After I moved to the gingerbread house which in some ways seemed a bit frivolous. All this space for one person who does not have intentions of multiplying . . . but, hey, I have a porch swing and can start becoming a combination of Ouiser and Clairee from Steel Magnolias. I think purchasing the mug is the first step.

eat cake for breakfast



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