40 x 40

I am now 35 which I feel is legitimately middle aged, and I feel inclined to make a list just in case I don’t make it through this middle aged span of time in one piece. Living in the Gingerbread House affords me the opportunity to indulge my desires to become an eccentric southern lady (think a combination of the Steel Magnolias ladies) while allowing me to explore my more adventurous side.



  1. Concert at Red Rocks  Completed  8/17/2016
  2. Cubs Game at Wrigley
  3. Cardinals Game at Busch
  4. Look good naked (size 6-8 toned or just not so flabby)
  5. Marine Corp Marathon (or National Park marathon)
  6. Take my Grandmother somewhere she has never been Well, I didn’t exactly ‘take her’, but I did go with her to the Tabasco Factory which is some place  she had never been before  5/19/2016 — so this is sort of done
  7. Bake a Pie from Scratch  Completed 11/24 and 11/25/2016
  8. Boudoir Photo Shoot  Completed, mama got brave 12/11/2015
  9. Go to Croatia
  10. Moab
  11. Have my own garden
  12. Take an Art Class
  13. Take a Dance Class
  14. Perform in Public (karaoke does not count)
  15. Camp on a Beach
  16. Learn to Drive a Stick Shift
  17. Buy a Jeep or Jeep-type vehicle (old school)
  18. Learn to Knit/ Crochet (must first learn difference in these things)
  19. Go to Rome
  20. Ryan Adams live  Completed  for 8/17/2016
  21. Show at the Ryman
  22. Go to San Francisco
  23. Newport Folk Festival
  24. See the Northern Lights
  25. Continue avoiding watching The Notebook, The Matrix series, and The Lord of the Ring series
  26. Beach Vacation with my Girls
  27. Romantic Vacation with Romantic Interest
  28. Thanksgiving or Christmas in New Orleans Trip to NOLA with grandparents full of the kinds of food I was hoping for on a holiday trip — sort of complete  5/2016
  29. Start a Non-Profit
  30. Complete Decorating/ Nesting the Gingerbread House (this may NEVER be fully accomplished, but a girl can dream)In progress, the formal living room is complete as of 2/15/2016. All boxes are unpacked and most things are where they should be 3/28/2016
  31. Zipline
  32. Attend a Fancy Event (formal/ black tie)
  33. Kiss a Handsome Stranger (preferably while in a foreign country)
  34. Read/ Reread the books on this list (and some others):  http://list25.com/25-non-fictional-books-everyone-should-read/5/
  35. Serve food to homeless on Christmas or Thanksgiving
  36. Give up soda (almost entirely)
  37. Find an education non-profit to give time/ donate to (work does not count)
  38. Learn to play an instrument
  39. Buy the ‘Eat Cake for Breakfast’ MugCompleted, purchased 2/15/2016
  40. Have the Grandest Adventure


*Focus on always:  Be brave, limit worry, love fearlessly, be adventurous, speak your heart


A note:  This list took longer to cultivate than I imagined. Also, can a double up? Like romantic trip Christmas trip to New Orleans?

Am I overthinking this and rules obsessed? Duh.



One Comment Add yours

  1. cris says:

    “Owning our story and loving ourselves through that process is the bravest thing we’ll ever do.” — Brené Brown

    You’re one of the bravest ladies I know. Sending hugs.


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